For Sale: Historic House in France, currently a B&B

We are an American couple from the San Francisco Bay Area who have lived in France for the last twelve years. We opened a bed and breakfast in 2007 and have been welcoming guests to the Maison Conti ever since. Now we are looking to retire and are searching for an adventurous spirit who wants to take over.

When we moved here we did not speak the language or know anything about running a French business, but we had the French dream. It takes a bit of courage, but we’re living proof that it can be done! We’ve learned a lot and we are happy to pass along our knowledge so you can make a success of a life in the French countryside.

Of course the house can be used simply as a residence or as your occasional French vacation home. The location is particularly advantages for that, being within a manageable drive from the Paris airports or the channel crossings. We are in a small village where the house is protected. It is virtually impossible to break into and neighbors are friendly and watchful. We have police and firemen in town.

Maison Conti is located in a charming village two hours west of Paris. Montmirail is a crossroad for travelers. We are the highest ranked guesthouse in our area on and Trip Advisor.

The house has three floors, a terrace and a large garden a short walk from the house.

First floor: entry, kitchen, dining room, living room or studio, garage, storage room, toilet.

Second floor: 4 guest bedrooms with modern en-suite bathrooms, office or extra bedroom, linen/cleaning supply closet.

Third floor, open plan owner’s apartment with large kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and laundry room.

Price is 350,00€. Contact: +33(0)2 43 93 35 26 or