As the sun sets, the lighthouse is illuminated

When we first arrived in Saint Enogat it was the beginning of October. Eight months seemed like a very long time. Yet here we are at the the end of our adventure; we can hardly believe how fast the months have flown past. Especially during this time when we have mostly been on lock-down, it has certainly proved to be a refreshing change from our normal life at the Maison Conti. It hasn’t felt like a vacation, much more like a second home. But our experiences have been during the off-season, when the pace of life is pleasantly slow. Last weekend, which was a holiday, convinced us that being in Dinard in the high season would not be the same at all. The number of people on the road and on the beach has at least tripled and camping cars are everywhere. We feel lucky to have chosen this particular slice of time. What a wonderful experience we have had!

During the entire time we have been living here, we have been looking forward to May, the month we expected to bring the most sun and the greatest warmth, real beach weather. We imagined ourselves spending hours on the sand, well before the crowds arrived. We’ve had some spectacular days, weather-wise, through out the months we’ve been here, but May has without any doubt been the most rainy, the most gray of all the eight months. It has not offered warm and sunny days at all. Perhaps that’s a blessing in disguise. It makes it easier to leave, I suppose.

The Paris family came to visit last weekend. We had a few brief moments of clear skies which we took advantage of. At one moment we packed a picnic and left the house with the sun streaming down upon us. We drove 10 minutes away, but by the time we reached our destination, the clouds had blotted out the sun, a frigid wind had picked up and the rain began to fall again.

We didn’t even bother to take our walk along the cliffs, but just found a parking lot and ate our sandwiches on some benches quickly before hurrying back home to play several rounds of Oh Hell, which was actually quite a lot of fun.

There was a rather dramatic at-sea rescue a few evenings back. A couple of kids capsized in their boat which must have sailed away, leaving them in the drink. Two ships quickly appeared. The small one plucked them from the water and wrapped foil blankets around their shoulders. The life boat ferried them to the bigger ship, where they were examined for hyperthermia I suppose (it really was like-winter weather) They then got back in the small boat which delivered them to shore, where a policeman was on hand to ask them questions, and jotted down the answers on a little note pad. We watched from the window and caught the scene midway, so most of what I’m saying here is conjecture and not the hard facts of the case. The thing we found curious about the incident was that the water at the distance they were rescued is about thigh-high, even for children.

I finished my eighth and final book for my seaside project, entitled A Sense of Place. I’ve enjoyed the format very much.

There are photos, drawings, some prints, my handmade stamps and this month even a rock “page,” with a beautiful heart-shaped rock Rick collected from our beach.

Just in the last two days, the weather has jumped from the low 50s to the 70s. We decided, like many others, to get on the road and take our last local tour yesterday. We drove down the Rance past Dinan to the charming hamlet of Léhon. We had never visited. It is a picturesque setting with an ancient bridge over the river. The town was settled by the Romans 2000 years ago, 1000 years before Dinan. The town is quiet and picture-perfect, with lovely gardens. It’s a 30 minute walk from Dinan to Léhon along the river path.

I began this blog to document our monts at the sea. Now that adventure comes to an end, since we leave here tomorrow to return to our normal life in the countryside. As we say farewell to our adventure here, I am saying farewell to this blog. Thank you for following along with me and I wish you all bright days and happy adventures.

9 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Well this was simply a terrific blog! I’m sure that all your readers appreciated as much as I did! It almost felt like being there with you! Anyway thank you Nancy fir this very wonderful treat!


  2. Thank you again Nancy for this very wonderful blog. As you put it so well, this may’s weather was just no good at all. I was supposed to exhibit my work outdoors at the bouquiniste « les boites de claire » across the Beaux Arts courtyard, but we had to postpone all the time. Then yesterday the bouquiniste suggested we take advantage of the 3 sunny days and today at 2:00 here I go…. that is called « total improvisation »!!!! Good grief…., I don’t expect much but then you never know, which is why I believe in serendipity!

    Welcome home and happy french mother’s day! xx N

    Le dim. 30 mai 2021 à 09:04, Nancy’s Atelier a écrit :

    > ateliernancy posted: ” As the sun sets, the lighthouse is illuminated When > we first arrived in Saint Enogat it was the beginning of October. Eight > months seemed like a very long time. Yet here we are at the the end of our > adventure; we can hardly believe how fast the months” >


  3. I have enjoyed experiencing your adventure in Dinard right along with you through this beautifully written blog. And it makes me feel closer to you even though you are a world away.


  4. I have enjoyed every chapter! Thank you so much for each beautifully written piece, especially with the artwork included. The story and art would be amazing as a book to be published! Very lovely. I’m so grateful to have traveled along in this pandemic time; your company eased the path.


  5. Merci, merci! I have never met you “in person” but I have enjoyed your blog so much. I wonder if you will continue to make your books as you get back to your real life? I would love to see them someday. They are your treasures to commemorate such a time as we have all been having during this past year. Good luck on your next adventures! Thanks again, Susan


  6. Oh what a grand entry! That book is so delicious! I am so glad you had such a lovely time. I have so enjoyed this blog, every entry a wonderful one, and a chance to glimpse into your beautiful life. I miss you so much, so this definitely eases that ache.


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