Another View

At the end of last week, we drove southeast from the coast. The further inland we went, the greener the landscape became. It is a glorious time of the year for a short road trip. Instead of the rolling blue ocean, we enjoyed the rolling emerald hills and found them just as wonderful.

This weekend we have a full house of clients at Maison Conti for a party that has been planned since last year. Although our stay in Dinard is not quite over, we had to come back to Montmirail. Since the house has essentially been empty for eight months, we needed plenty of time to renew the space. We have been here washing windows, dusting, vacuuming and polishing. After days of hard work, something we’ve grown entirely unaccustomed to, the maison is ready again to welcome guests.

We are lucky enough to arrive just at the moment when the roses, clematis and wisteria are in bloom on the terrace. We would have regretted missing their displays.

Our detached garden behind the château is completely out of control. The weeds are thigh high. Reclaiming it will have to wait until we get back definitively in June.

Later today we drive back to Dinard for the final two weeks of our seaside adventure.

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