The last two weeks have flown past, as I have been concentrating on a demanding art project. In many ways it is pleasant to be completely absorbed by something, but it can also be a bit disorienting. I have almost forgotten the world around me. But as it turns out, life goes on, as the Beatles said, within me and without me.

One thing I haven’t been able to ignore completely is the various moods that the sea has displayed as days go by. One morning we awoke to fog so thick we could not see beyond the shoreline. As the day progressed, we had clear gray weather, some light rain, some pouring rain, bright blue and sunny skies and finally a dramatic hail storm that left balls of ice all over the beach and our garden. Brittany is one of the most changeable weather landscapes I have ever lived in.

Rick pointed out to me the difference between an off-shore wind and an on-shore one. Generally the wind blows from the ocean towards the land and of course makes choppy waves with familiar whitecaps. But when the wind blows from the land towards the sea, the surface becomes like velvet. We have had several days like that.

The changing color of the ocean is endlessly entertaining. The sky, of course, sets the tone for the shade of blue or green of the water. We have had a surprising number of moments of glorious sunshine this month. Brittany has a reputation for being very rainy. Some of our friends from inland have written teasingly about how we must be constantly under the weather in our temporary abode. But the truth is the weather has mostly been very pleasant. I think Brittany is often the coolest place in France during the summer, but it is also one of the warmest in the winter.

Our marine adventure is exactly halfway over today. Tempus fugit!

7 thoughts on “Moods

  1. I was craving for a new post, but since I didn’t want to appear impatient, I decided to wait! I love how you manage to make different seascapes with the same point of view or so it seems? Glorious sums it up indeed!


  2. Merci Nancy !
    In Brittany, we like it when the “parisiens” (a common nickname for anyone who is not local!) mention the (supposedly) bad weather we live in! Do you know why? It’s a good deterrent that keeps other “parisiens” away!


  3. Wonderful pictures, Nancy! What a lovely part of this Earth you have chosen to enjoy. Ocean nearness for me is pure soul nourishment. We are right now in Sea Ranch, lucky us! Love to you and Rick!


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