Swan Song

This will be my last blog post here on WordPress, as I am not renewing this site. I thank all of you who have read my words, followed my ramblings and commented on my stories. It has been a great pleasure and honor to know you are out there. I will continue recording my adventures at https://nancypattonwilson.blogspot.com/ so if you want to follow me there, I would be delighted to see you. You can subscribe right on the site. There is a post already awaiting you, which describes the beginnings of a new phase of our lives.

Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy, think hopeful thoughts and appreciate the small pleasures of life.

2 thoughts on “Swan Song

  1. Not sure I know how to subscribe or at least it doesn’t seem to work when I try to leave a comment, so this will be my 3d and last try! I certainly do not want to miss a single episode of my dear wanderer friends! You know I will follow you anywhere, one way or another; you also have my seal of approval concerning this area of France even if you don’t need it! xx


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