Despite it all, spring.

The equinox came and went this year without much ado. All our thoughts have been somewhere else. Our own biggest adventure in these days of confinement is the five minute walk to our garden. We are required to carry a signed and dated attestation of the reason for our straying from the shelter of home. We had some very sunny days early in the week, and it was a huge pleasure to observe the pregnant buds, the periwinkles, tulips and primroses popping out. The tiny violets and daisies are peeking through the grass which is in desperate need of mowing.

In “the shack” I found the table still covered with the art and science projects the grandchildren had left last fall.

I feel very grateful to have my studio where I continue to explore reduction printmaking. A day passes quickly for me.

I send you all very best wishes in these amazing times we are living in!

2 thoughts on “Despite it all, spring.

  1. Thank you for sharing, Nancy! My brother reports from Rue Montmartre the extreme quiet and the need for papers to venture out. Most of the residents in their 4 story building (over a fancy Indian restaurant, Papadoom) have left Paris to shelter in place with family outside the city. Here in Walnut Creek, it is much less restrictive, but I believe it should be more so, and probably will be soon. Love to you and Rick!


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