The LAST DAYS of fall

fall,autumn,stone bridge,french countryside

Many months have passed since my last blog post. Our season at the Maison Conti was very busy and kept me distracted from life outside the village, but our rhythm has finally slowed down. As the last colorful leaves fall from the trees, I am thinking of friends, family and like-minded fellow travelers.

This week the sky was crystal blue and the sun still warm. We decided to walk around our local lake and enjoy what surely must be the final days of autumn.

We lived for several years near our “big” town of La Ferté-Bernard before discovering a wonderful resource just on the outskirts, a man-made lake. It provides swimming, boating and lovely walking paths. I have many photos of our grandchildren building sand castles and waterways on the shore over the last last five years. It is a favorite destination when the family visits us.

There is a path that traces the entire circumference–over bridges, past the beach, through the trees and beside the rapidly flowing river that feeds the lake. This time of year it is particularly beautiful, and also much less busy.

Besides enjoying  a perfect day, I collected some willow and maple leaves to use in my newest passion, eco-dyeing. These and others that I found have made some very fine impressions.

We think of our friends and family suffering through smokey days in California and post these photos in hopes of offering at least some visual relief.

I am working on a new website, which includes this blog. I intend to post some personal stories, some artistic experiments and lots of photos of our life here in rural France. I hope you will consider subscribing. It’s our way of keeping in touch with you, who we miss so much.

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